the rukard experience

Experience Rukard

As awareness of global warming and other environmental problems grow, innovation and efficiency, is our basis to adhering to a Go Green atmosphere within our residences. Collectively, we really pay attention to the features our tenants desire and don’t just overlook them as the small things. It is our goal to make you happy, as we thrive off that. With majority of our units built to offer washer and dryers, stainless steel appliances, water efficient toilet and shower heads, LED lighting, wood and tile flooring, granite countertops and custom kitchen cabinetry, there’s no reason why our tenants decide to reside with us for multiple years at a time.
Smaller buildings in size, naturally allows for family-like communities. With our annual turnover less frequent, our relationships we form are based off a first name basis. We constantly thank our tenants for their continuous loyalty, and together assisting us make the Rukard Experience significantly better.